Monday March 5th, 2007.

The current project status is that what I would describe as the major mechanical design is completed.  That is I now know:

  • Where the engine & gearbox are going to be located.
  • Where the driver and passenger will be housed.
  • Where the wheels are going to be located.
  • Where the suspension mounting points and dampers are going to be located.
  • Where the steering rack will be located.

And most importantly of all how to tie all of this together with a structure that is as stiff as possible and has sufficient strength and is not excessively heavy.

In short I’m at the point where I feel confident enough in the design to go start making it.

The little list above took over a year of thought to resolve to this point, what I’ve now got is a design for the chassis frame that weighs ~125Kg for the steel tube framework including the roll frame and has a stiffness in excess of 15Kn Per degree which I think is sufficient.

So the next thing to be done is to get on with fabricating the frame.

I have a number of tubes that require bending as part of the design, not having the equipment to do this I’m now in the process of tracking down a company who’ll do this for a fair price.