August 11, 2011.

I”ve not been home much for the last couple of months, hence not much has been done on the car. In actual fact I’m away on business again now, so still no work on the car.
However I did get some time at home since the last post and here’s where its at…
Firstly I sourced from a local wreckers a handbrake from a Toyota Land Cruiser of all things, below shows it installed, due to limited floor space in the car it needed to be installed vertically, the cable retention bracket for the floor is yet to be done.

Hand Brake

This was pretty much the last thing that I could think of – could be bothered to source before stripping the car for final welding and painting. I’m in no doubt I’ve forgotten to weld something on I should, but I needed to draw a line somewhere and this was it.

So here it is partially dismantled…


And here it is back on the rotisserie for welding…

It’s now of of the rotisserie and the lifting brackets have been cut off, so now I’m using the engine crane to pick it up and rotating the thing.

On one of my trips this year I had time enough to get to Barber Motorsports park in Birmingham, Alabama. Where there was a legends of motorsport event happening, one of the many cars there for the weekend was the one below an Argo JM16 which I really like looking at so post it for no reason other than that.

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