May 22, 2018. More rivets and glue.

Work has continued slowly gluing and rivet more panels to the frame.

Wooden patterns were made to fit each section correctly then the panel could be folded to match the pattern.

Next it was time to get on with the floor.  The floor panel was marked out as per the design drawings and the frame was taken off of the trampoline stand and sat on the panel to check the dimensions were correct.

This was close enough to carry on, like this all the tubes touching the floor were traced onto the panel, this then helps make sure the rivets will go into a tube and not miss.

Then for entertainment I laced the prototype bodywork in place to get an idea on what the thing should look like in the end…

Which I don’t think is too bad.

The panel was then removed for further marking out and to start drilling the rivet pilot holes.

After marking out, the whole lot was turned upside down, to continue working on the floor panel…

And now finally ready to move onto the next stage, all 352 pilot holes drilled and the panel cut to size.

Next to paint all the frame bits I now see I missed and get ready to glue and rivet this panel on.