March 03, 2020. Catch up Part 01

March 03, 2020. Catch up Part 01

Its been a long time since the last update, so here goes, this ma take more than one post.

From the last post both side pods had been completed (sort of). Now the fuel tank was next for some attention. The fuel tank itself sits on 25mm x 3mm rubber strips at all the places it could be supported. The tank is then held in by two 50mm x 1.5mm steel straps with more rubber between them and the tank.

Fuel tank bolted in.
Fuel tank bolted in.

The fuel tank cover had started off as a single piece design which didn’t work as it could not be physically fitted to the car given the shape of the chassis. I then tried this as a two piece design. Which is what is shown in the pictures below. I’ve since decided to turn this into a three piece design so that with the middle piece removed I can access the various connections without having to disturb the two out panels. properly connecting the fuel filler hose was going to be near impossible with the two piece design.

Beating the part to cover the fuel lines was therapeutic thankfully it’ll be covered up when finished.

Bashed metal.
Bashed and riveted metal.

I left the fuel tank cover to work on fuel and brake lines.

I source a brake tube flaring tool as per the picture below…

The first several attempts to use it were rubbish, then I realized the writing on the tool was back to front after using the tool ‘backwards’ it then worked nicely.

The rear proportioning valve attached to the rear master cylinder…

And then all three in place, you are not allowed access to the adjustments whilst driving so I’ll print a cover to go over the master cylinders.

Steel brake ‘Bundy’ tube was source in straight lengths to try and make a neater job of things.