March 19, 2020. Catch up Part 3, The Move.

March 19, 2020. Catch up Part 3, The Move.

During December 2019 my assignment in Darwin came to an end, and we were to relocate to Perth, WA. Due to the logistics of the situation this meant that some of the car project could be shipped with the movers whilst I would need to deal with the rest of it myself.

This meant towing it to Perth which is a bit about 4,500km or the same as New York to Los Angeles or London to Damascus.

To do this my motorcycle trailer was convert for use to hold the car chassis, it all added up to be just under the weight limits of the trailer, so off we set.

The drive took 6 days, the picture above is outside Broome at a big Boab tree. One the last day there was an issue with an trailer tyre that let go, thankfully we were not too far (i.e. only about 100km) from the nearest town, so getting a new one was not too much of an issue.

I should have had a spare, bad preparation on my part.

In the move about half of the 3D printing I’d done to date got wrecked by the moving Co. so this needs to be redone, mainly due to the distortions in it from getting too hot and being stressed at the same time.