October 3, 2009.

Over the last week I’ve had some time to do some concentrated work on the car, the main thing is finishing the suspension ‘A’ arms, all 8 are done now I’m guessing there’s roughly 8 to 10 hours work in the fab of each one.

Maybe I’m slow maybe TIG welding is that slow compared to MIG in a day I can got 2 welded together having prepped the components previously so there’s 3 or 4 hours in welding one together when all the stuffing about is taken into account.

Then there was all the lathe work for the various tubes and fittings at the corners of each one.

Next for these is to take the lowers to have them bored for the lower ball joints and get those pressed in, a good wire brushing and painting is in order as well.

I’ve also got a few other bits tacked onto the frame, below is the beam which will act as the support for the upper harness mounts, through the holes there will be top hat section bosses inserted into which the eye bolts will thread.