June 21, 2020

June 21, 2020

Continuing with the 3D printing, this time in PLA I produced the prototype for the exit ducting for the radiators. This needs to not interfere with the rear wheel as it goes through its travel. The design and reality seemed to match pretty closely so all good with that, there’s more design work to do before I can produce the same for the entry ducting for the radiators.

The real part will be in GRP or carbon maybe.

On the right hand side of the car I’m going to need to modify the radiator as the outlet for it does not have the room to allow for the elbow.

Further 3D printing in ABS this time, this is an idea I got from a YouTuber (can’t remember who sorry). To hold the brake lines in place this is clip that the line snaps into. After a couple of iterations the design works pretty well.

These will be held in place with strong double side tape. As its 3D printed I’ll be able to make each one bespoke to the location in terms of length or stand off etc.

On not 3D printing, I set about replacing the bolts in the fuel tank with studs, due to the limited thread engagement I was not happy with bolts. with stud 100% of the thread in the tank is being used throughout the tightening process, which can’t be achieved using bolts.

With this done the fuel tank is now back in the car, the fuel pump needs testing before I tighten that down.

The fuel tank cave was revised further to a 3 piece design, by keeping the top part with no folds in it, it can be flexed to fit first then the two lower panels can be bolted in after. The top panel needs to go in first to get access to the fuel filler hose clamps.

I also put a lot of effort into cleaning the excess glue and other rubish out fo the inside if the car, above you can see the remains of the blue tape and extra glue that I should have removed before it went hard. This has all been removed now and another coat of paint put onto the steel tubes, which look nicer now, hopefully I keep it that way.

Its difficult to do anything else in the passenger compartment until the fuel tank is done, as everything else needs to be out to get access to that.

Elsewhere I’ve given up trying to find a windscreen wiper that is a direct bolt on for what I need so the temporary fix for the original has been made permanent.