September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

A couple more bits completed by the welder. First the water pump inlet, prototype next to the finished thing…

September 10, 2020

I’m very happy how this came out. Next was the right hand side radiator that needed its outlet moving.

Before welding.
After welding.

The wiring that’s going to be hidden under the inlet manifold has also been completed.

Some heater hose acts as protection on the main starter motor terminal and another bit is used to prevent any chaffing that might happen against the engine block.

I also did a spin test with the spark plugs out to ensure it all works, which it does, with no unexpected noises or vibrations, this also will have move some oil around the engine, which is a good thing.

Further on the cooling system I need two 38mm (1.5″) tee pieces I’d expected these to be easy enough to buy, but yet again I’ve not been able to find what I need, so I’ve started fabricating these too. Here’s the first one ready to be welded.

All the tube parts needed for the cooling system I’ve been turning from some nasty tar covered aluminium pipe found at the local scrap metal yard the current purchase price is A$4 per Kg which is great if you happen to find what you need or you can adjust what you need to what you can find.