Build Pages:
DP Cars: Bike engined AWD micro size lunacy! Great Stuff!
Grabercars: Home of ‘La Bala’
The Meerkat project:The story of a home built mid-engined sports car……
The Kimini 2.2 car project: Tube frame, prelude powered, carbon fibre Mini
The Sports Car Builders Club of Western Australia

News Groups: The mid-engined forum. Aussie clubman forum.

Susprog3D: Suspension analysis.
Framework: Free structural stress analysis.

2 thoughts on “Links.

  1. Good afternoon! Badly I write in English so excuse.
    I from Russia. At us very rigid requirements to created cars, but I wish to create the car for myself.
    Very much article on сылке was pleasant.
    I badly understand modelling, but I study this science.
    Very much I ask you to send drawings and 3D model of a skeleton and the chassis of this model!
    Probably you have projects with a forward arrangement of the engine and a transmission, as on front-wheel cars they will be more comprehensible.
    I will be very grateful. If all turns out, then I will send you on a page the work.
    In advance I thank! Yours faithfully, Grigorov Igor

  2. Just wanted to say well done on your efforts. I have my own project which is along the same lines but with a replica body rather than my own design. The design is at the early stages (using Catia V5) but I am plugging along and glad that I stumbled across your site. Feeling much inspired today thanks to your website. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards


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