This site is dedicated to following the design and creation my self designed and built car.

The name I’ve given to the car is:One Tonne Guerrilla (1TG).Which is probably the least important part of the whole exercise but a project is just not a project without a name is it?

Below are the specs for the car as they stand today:

  • Type: Mid-Engine sports.
  • Mass: 1000kg.
  • Height:Roughly 1100mm.
  • Width: A bit under 2m.
  • Length:A bit over 4m.
  • Engine:Toyota 1UZFE (32 Valve 4.0L V8).
  • Transmission:Porsche G86 (Boxster 5 speed).
  • Suspension:Double unequal length wishbone an all four corners, directly acting onto coil over damper units.Uprights, wheels & brakes from C5 model Corvette.
  • Frame:Square section steel tube space frame with integral roll over protection and alloy stiffening panels – structures.

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