If you are going to undertake a project like this, then you are going to need to read some books.

And when I say read I mean read, re-read, put down, pick-up, misunderstand, disagree with, walk away from and come back to and read again. Repeatedly.


Remember any person with an Internet connection can post whatever they want on the web (just like this) and they may be as informed as a goat on the subject.


Here are some of the books I’ve read to date during the project…


Race and Rally Car Source Book.

Author: Allan Staniforth

Publisher: Haynes

ISBN: 0-85429-848-7


A classic and a mine of useful information all of Mr. Staniforths work is worth reading.


Chassis Engineering.

Author: Herb Adams

Publisher: HPBooks

ISBN: 1-55788-055-7


A very practical guide to the subject.


Car Suspension at Work.

Theory & Practice of Steering Handling & Roadholding.

Author: Jeffrey Daniels

Publisher:Motor Racing Publications Ltd.

ISBN: 1-899870-31-8


If you’ve read the previous two books and thirst for more knowledge on whats really happening in a vehicles suspension then this is the book for you.


Build Your Own Sports Car.

For as little as 250 – and race it!

Author: Ron Champion


ISBN: 1-85960-639-9


The book that on its own built an industry, if nothing else it is useful for inspiration to let you know it can be done!

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