24-Feb-2017 Project Update.

I have moved the radiator position to the rear of the car, this improves a few things.  As I no longer now need to route large water pipes to the front of the car and I can reduce the front overhang substantially which should help with the practical issues of driving around.

The new radiators are Chinese made eBay items that were meant for a Honda Civic, the combined area is larger than the previous single unit.  They were cheap enough that if it all goes wrong there was not that much investment in them.  I’m not expecting there to be too many issues though.

To go where the radiator used to be there’ll now be a ‘splitter’ this a piece or marine plywood which’ll be wrapped in carbon fiber to stiffen it and take the abuse of occasionally be bashed on things.  This is the basic material it’s to be cut down from…

The final shape of the splitter will be something like this…


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