Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine to Audi 012 Transmission (Porsche G86) Adapter Drawings.

Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine to Audi 012 Transmission (Porsche G86) Adapter Drawings.

I needed an adapter kit to fit the Toyota 1UZ-FE Engine I have to the Audi 012 Transmission  which I sourced from a Porsche Boxster (Porsche designate it a G86 transmission).  Unfortunately off the shelf adapter kits for 1UZ-FE engines to mind engine type transmissions are basically non-existent, so I designed my own and had it made.

BNC Products here in Australia made the parts for myself, and to a very high standard and I would certainly recommend using them to supply these parts again.

The kit is designed to take an Audi clutch I believe the Luk kit I sourced is RepSet 02-025 but this might not be correct as the packaging for it is now gone.

One other word of warning, I have had these parts made and as far as I am concerned they fit.  However I have not yet been able to run the engine, so whether or not the parts actually work or not is yet to be 100% proven.


I am not taking any responsibility at all for the  performance or safety of this design or of parts made to the design, that is entirely your responsibility and the responsibility of the person that makes the parts which will be either you or the firm you employ.  If you have any doubts or concerns at all on this subject hire a qualified Mechanical Engineer (which I am not) to review and sign off on the soundness of the design before getting parts made or using those parts.

So if you require them here are the drawings required to make the parts:

*The drawings call for grade 4140 steel which was a bit silly, the flywheel was made from 1045 steel when done which should be sufficient.

These are free to use by yourself to make or have made parts for yourself for use on your own personal vehicle.  If you are a commercial enterprise that wishes to use this design commercially then contact me about that before you go too far.

Please do not post these files on other websites or forum boards, please post a link to this page ( if you wish to share this information with other people.

Pictures of the Engine and Transmission bolted together:

Flex Plate and flywheel assembled.
Clutch installed, adapter plate fits over flywheel.

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