November 04, 2018. Catching up (Part 1).

I believed that’d I’d need to get the fuel tank enclosure finished before I could close in the side pods for good.  With that in mind I set to work on the support frame for the tank cover.  The lower parts were simply glued in place with Sika 212.

I’d expected to glue bolt the side supports through the steel into the side pod box, there was very little clearance between the seats and the fuel tank, so by the time the position was finalised the side supports were over the top of the bracing, so no bolting was possible.

fuel tank cover supports in progress.

Rivnut set into the angle will be how the cover is attached, with a rubber seal around all the sides.

I folded the cover in the hope I could fit it in one piece, however it soon became clear it was never going to fit.

Fuel tank cover

I cu the part in two, to see if it can be made to work in this way, either it’ll be the final part or act as a pattern for the final parts.  The folds are not in the correct places, but this may turn into a bit of good luck as there are a few cables that need to fit through here for the gear shift and parking brake.

Fuel tank cover, cut up

The passenger seat is lower and further back than the drivers, it fits, so this should be workable.