November 05, 2018. Catching up (Part 2).

So in the previous post I’d made a mess of the fuel tank cover, leaving that alone I went back to the side pod boxes, measuring the parts I’d made already I realised that the 2 internal panels in the boxes were the wrong size after after careful measurement I screwed them up again and at the third attempt I now think they are the right size.

I modified the approach by bolting / gluing angle to the floor to give one less bend to screw up

Angles fixed to the floor.

They’re both now bolted and glued in place.

Trying not to stuff it up again.

Getting the bolts and nuts in place after the glue is on the parts has proven to be a nightmare.  As a result I’ve change the method to use longer bolts than required so all the bolts can be inserted and nuts attached before the glue goes in the joint.  By using longer bolts I cna make sure to have a decent gap to get the glue in.

Things that should be wrapped in blue tape are the tools, the glue is very hard to get off when set I wished I’d thought to tape up the tools before I got into this.

From I got the idea to use dressmakers pattern card for making sheet metal part patterns.  I used this idea to make the pattern for trimming the side box cover to size.

Once I had the pattern made it became apparent the part I started earlier for this was to narrow and not going to work.  More fail.

Other parts done are a couple of covers for some holes in the front of the car

The front suspension still fits and clears the floor correctly.

And I’ve made the bracket to glue in that’ll hold the Engine ECU in place.