November 21, 2020
November 21, 2020

November 21, 2020

November 21, 2020

Carrying on from the last post, to finish the fuel system there were some final parts to assemble and others to make. Where the fuel filler hose passes through the side of the car there is a cloth trim panel, this needed to be made and glued in place before the filler hose hose could be assembled, similarly the top tank cover needed trimming before installation.

Assembling these parts to connect the tank to the filler was a nightmare, the filler hose was stuck onto the filler nozzle and removing it risked damaging the hose which is mail order stuff to replace.

There’s an inner and outer hose, the inner carries the fuel and the out forms the seal to keep fumes etc. out the the passenger space. The gap between them is too small for a conventional hose clamp, so a low profile type often used on CV boots was used.

Filler hose to nozzle attachment.

This shows it fully assembled, the inner hose is Newton Aeroflex fuel filler hose the outer hose is SKEET, I’ll go back and tweak the arrangement to make it look a bit better, but it was on and after the struggle I needed to walk away for a bit. This shows the seat in the full forward position, with it all the way back it is still not touching the hose.

This is whats going on at the other end…

Another couple of jobs on the fuel system were a support for the hard lines, this seems overly complicated for what it does, but its done now and was an excuse to fire up the MPCNC again.

Also a clamp was need to hold the flex hoses together. Again a task for the MPCNC

Next for the fuel system is to check the tightness of everything and then run some fuel through it.

Whilst I was working on the trimmed panels for the fuel tank it seemed like a good idea to fit the remaining firewall panels, as per below, the bare aluminium in the middle section will probably be left like it is, I’ve found the surface finish I get from going over the aluminium using one of these whetted with WD40 is pleasing enough.

With the panels in, I printed prototypes of covers for the holes in the firewall where the harness bars are.

These fit close enough, the real parts will be FRP covered in the heat shield and nomex material as per the other panels. I’ll print molds for the parts at some point now I know I have a design that works.

Back on the cooling system, I’d got all the parts together that believe are the last set of bits that need welding on that system, here they are prior to and after welding.

With these parts done the air venting system for the engine could be completed. Which now looks like this…

I think that this is about as simple as it could sensibly be made, but again I was surprised by the 11 hose clamps required.

Lastly the connector panel was glued in place, which means I’m running out of excuses to avoid the wiring.